Frater Ashen Chassan

The Skills of the Ceremonial Magician Workshop
Frater Ashen Chassan (Rev. Bryan Garner)

Friday 12th – Sunday 14th October 2018
Millenium Chamber, Town Hall, Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK.

This is what participants of the 2017 Solomonic Evocation workshop had to say:

I had the chance to attend a weekend workshop lead by Frater Ashen Chassan (Bryan Garner) which actually was a life-changing experience for me. Bryan guided us through the in-depth study of classical magic step by step. Bryan’s mastery of his craft enabled all those attending to gain an amazing insight into the work of a master Magician. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the world of classical magic. Many thanks to Bryan and also Andy Austin for organising such a marvellous workshop.” D.G, Kent, UK

Frater Ashen Chassan has gathered and processed quite complex information from a whole variety of different sources and put together a fun, informational and interactive introductory course to Solomonic MagicS.A.S, Norway

This series of lectures and workshops was AMAZING to me. It has shone a light on untapped resources, opened my mind to unthinkable possibilities and cast a new wave of potential into my life. The material and explorations were executed with confidence, awareness and authenticity. A wonderful experience which I recommend to anyone curious or magically inclined.S.E, Newcastle

 “A truly mind-blowing workshop and a total eye-opener. This was my first introduction to the world of Solomonic magic or any magic for that matter and Frater Assen Chassen enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge on the subject made for an amazing experience. Thank you!C.C. Newcastle

The Skills of the Ceremonial Magician Workshop
Frater Ashen Chassan (Rev. Bryan Garner)

Friday 12th – Sunday 14th October 2018
Millenium Chamber, Town Hall, Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK.

A three-day practical workshop outlining and practising the skills required of the ceremonial magician.

The Skills of the Ceremonial Magician.

Day 1

I. Basic Rituals/Ceremonies

  • Cleansing rituals, banishing, LBRP, Aspersion ritual, meditation. Middle pillar Going over Classical, rural or folk magical methods as well as lodge magical systems of magical protection.
  • Making your magical circle: practising or covering making with chalk, salt, stones, paint, canvas. Going over the multitude of magical circles from various traditions.
  • Raising magical energy and perception -focus- attention and endurance.

II. Consecrating and making Magical implements:

  • Have students etch lamens, make wands (carving and sanding), belts, robes, etc.
  • Holy water and incense making/mixing – planetary hours association.
  • Making a set of elemental tools or weapons – going over elemental consecrations and use.
  • Talismans and amulets.
  • Magical clothing.

III. Scrying and Spirit Vision Practice – work on an outline for hypnotic induction that pairs of people can practice.

  • Developing spiritual sight.
  • Scrying mediums, finding or making them.
  • Scrying assistant agents, oils, incense.

Day 2

I. Developing Ancestor work, making an ancestral altar learning to commune, offerings, maintaining relations with the spirit world.

  • Spirits of departed loved ones.
  • Spirits of the home and location.
  • Spirits of Tradition.

II. Defensive and Protective magic: Wards, washes, spells, talismans and dispel formulae.

III. Practising spirit vision in exercise. Deep trance work and practice.

IV. Guided meditation into the elemental planes.

Day 3

I. Guided meditation into the planetary spheres – engaging with the celestial archetypes. II. Building up practices for practical success.

  • Wealth and prosperity magic.
  • Love and relationship magic.
  • Establishing your magical work as a profession or lifelong undertaking.

III. Advanced clearings, blessings and exorcisms.

Who is Frater Ashen Chassan?

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Frater Ashen is a ceremonial magician who endeavours to recreate the workings found in traditional grimoires as closely as possible.

His book, Gateways Through Stone and Circle details his reproduction of Trithemius of Spanheim’s The Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals to great success. His book is a boon to traditional ceremonial magicians, providing a detailed account of Frater Ashen’s work, including the spectacular holy table and an archangelic evocation.

Gateways Through Stone and Circle” is a compendium of personal experiences and research from a traditional ceremonial magician working through a classical book of magic. This volume is a complete and in-depth study in the “Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals” as found in Francis Barrett’s, The Magus, and accredited to Trithemius of Spanheim. Detailed research, personal experimentation, and evoking each of the seven planetary archangels and intelligences to visible and auditory presence are presented within. You will find descriptions of the seven planetary archangels as witnessed by the author, instructions for building each of the traditional implements and furniture to the specifications of the grimoire, as well as detailed illustrations of the author’s actual equipment. Items such as the infamous Book of Spirits or Liber Spirituum are explained in detail so the reader will know how to make and use one. Chapters also describe methods for improving scrying abilities, working with a partner, and conducting the entire ceremony from beginning to end. Everything to make this art work is explained in incredibly vivid detail. The purpose for this book is to present a workable manual wherein the aspiring magus can replicate a valuable system of magic to achieve successful and reliable discourse with some of the most powerful beings in the cosmos. “No other book has unveiled how to perform this experiment successfully within the traditional manner.” This work is not a theoretical analysis of a historic manuscript from an academic scholar, nor is it based on presumption and guess work. It is a modern day grimoire from a traditional grimorist. It is drawn from one who has been studying and practicing Western occult magic for nearly two decades and has recreated the procedures that achieve results. The methods contained within are constructed as closely to the original text as possible and filled with suggestions and points to assist the beginning magician as well as the advanced practitioner.

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The Skills of the Ceremonial Magician Workshop
Frater Ashen Chassan (Rev. Bryan Garner)

Friday 12th – Sunday 14th October 2018
Millenium Chamber, Town Hall, Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK.

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