Goetia Experiments – Report

Goetia Working – ReportP1170539  P1170542

Date of working: 5th August 2016.
Moon age in cycle: 3 days (waxing moon)
Astrological date: Anno Vii Sun in 13° Leo, Moon in 14° Virgo

Rituals begin: 1010hrs, Rituals finish: 1330hrs.
Location: Arundel, West Sussex, UK.

Weather: Bright and sunny, heavy clouds to north, dry.

Participants: 5 participants, 4 male, 1 female.

Following explanations and “walk through” of the operations, three complete Goetic operations were completed, each using the following format.

Following the adornment of the vestments, each particpant took their place within the circle. One participant serving as scryer sat on a chair facing a raised evocation triangle, in the centre of which was placed a large obsidian mirror and censor. A seal of the demon was placed beneath the obsidian. Another participant opened with a full LRBP for preliminary banishing, and a second participant then read the preliminary invocation. For our purposes in this instance, Psalm 51 was used. The participant serving as exorcist then began the evocations.

At the conclusion of the evocation, a second full LRBP was performed immediately after the licence to depart was completed.

Experiment 1.

The exorcist (1) wished to evoke Paimon for the purposes of learning more in the arts. Despite repeated demands for obeyance, Paimon failed to appear and the operation was abandoned.

During this operation however, it was subsequently learned that participant (1) reported a strong vision of the following symbol appearing in front of an oceanic scene (a cross – X – vertically in the centre a wooden staff) Within this symbol appeared the face of Baphomet. This symbol then turned from 2 dimension to a 3 dimensional image before fading. Two distinct sentances were heard from this figure, “he is not listening” (the target of which was not ascertained) and “he believes he cannot” which was clearly directed at the exorcist. During the secondary evocation, Reggie, our dog sat outside of the circle to the west at rear of the room began growling whilst facing to the east before settling down to go back to sleep. Shortly before the abandonment of the operation, he then vomited in the South just outside of the circle. Participant (1) also reported having very cold feet for the duration of this operation, something from which he has never had a problem with previously.

Participant (3) reports: On opening the circle I experienced gold shimmering completely encircling the whole of the circle. As Paimon was summoned a red horned creature appeared in the scrying triangle, red in colour with shiny skin and about the size of a small Labrador Dog. The creature sat facing the Scryer but appeared to get impatient and turned slightly towards the Exorcist we heard the creature say ‘He is not listening” and another statement I cannot remember. Reggie the Dog growled at one point and then was sick just outside the Circle a short while after the Evocation was stopped.

Participant (4) reports: “After using hyssop [for washing] I took my place in the magic circle. A participant was nominated scribe, a participant was appointed exorcist. In the magic circle the evocations started. I could visualise the angels in the 4 sides. I saw on the east wall as patterns of light and shadow form an entity that seemed like a demon appears and disappears. I was aware of the movements of the group. I think at one point we became synchronised, I did not notice and did not hear the dog which was sick outside of the circle.

Scryer (1) reports: “[Whilst] acting as the scryer the mirror started again like a pool which turned into a deep well. Some swirling action and grey mist appeared. Some specks of light (orange) appeared to swirl within the mirror. I experienced some slight frustration/ disappointment at not being able to do more. There was some bright lighting from the room lights that perhaps were hindering the process.”

Exorcist (1) reports: “I was the first to be the exorcist. I decided to call Paimon, my reason for doing so was because I wanted a familiar. Ok keep this simple, I felt a presence not long into the invocation, I saw flecks of gold and Aiwass came to mind. Bless the Scryer because I knew I had a manifestation. And to be honest by the time I had read the second conjuration I was pissed off with scryer (not personally) At this point I saw a red mist. And could feel the scryer’s frustration. It was come on for fucks sake. I noticed after reading so long I felt out with the stars, my perception of reality had changed. I was half in the room and also out to the stars.I felt like I was in a cone (elongated triangle) And up to my ankles was like I had been standing in a fridge. Reggie (dog) I felt was protecting me in a way. As he had come round to my right side and was out of the circle and puked and when Andy said dog has puked, I looked and my answer laid there, Reggie saying I puked for you. I was going to start reading again, but after seeing Reggie, my heart was not in it and Paimon had gone.”

Experiment 2.

For the second experiment, the lighting in the room was dimmed further. The exorcist (2) wished to evoke an unnamed demon associated with a series of events in his life connected to the number 13. A unique seal and name was established prior to the experiment, the nature of this was not discussed with the other participants.

The Dittany of Crete incense crackled and popped and the scryer (2) reported quickly the appearance of “the vixen” announcing dramatically, “the vixen is here!” before changing into human form in the form of a female of ancient Egyptian form. What was interesting was the dialogue between exorcist and the entity demonstrated the manipulative nature of the entity and the exorcist was reminded to take control and not be fooled by the demon. The entity was attempting to take charge by making demands upon he exorcist.

Scryer (2) reports: “The Exorcist wanted to evoke a Demon which was a number as it appeared in quite a few episodes of his life. I was scrying for this evocation and as soon as we started the incense popped and straight after a symbol appeared which resembled a Vixen it said ‘The Vixen is here’ and then walked across the Triangle changing into an Egyptian type woman about 2foot high. The Demon was very bossy and the Exorcist had to take back control of the conversation.”

Participant (2) reports: “As reader for Psalm 51. The scryer appeared to pick up visualisations very quickly – a Vixen. Some dialogue was then engaged with between the Exorcist, Scryer and Demon – which had taken human form as an Egyptian. During this session, I saw 4 blue lights act as corner points for a square; behind which was a light blue pentagram. Would like to have another go at this, with a bit more preparation. (After thoughts: what an interesting bunch of people…and what an odd way to spend a Friday morning!)”

Participant (3) reports: “13’s presence I felt straight away, and the incense popped and made me jump. The scryer started to speak to the exorcist. I went off in my mind. I saw a Blue Triangle, Eye of Horus, all Egyptian Phenomena was happening. Sparks of blue energy? The river Nile came to mind as did a woman. Did not feel emotionally attached to what was happening. And I felt the exorcist nearly lost control of 13. I projected energy to him to TAKE control. Not meant in anyway personal. I think there was a language barrier, what do I know. But was glad Andy was there, as my head went oh fuck, we are going to reverse engineer The Demon.”

Exorcist (4) reports: “I read the evocation. I was interrupted by the sribe. I was reminded that we must take control of the discussion. I had a strange conversation with the demon, which took the form of an Egyptian woman who had somehow sense. This has given me new meanings on the situation. I sent the demon to where he came with some regret.”

Experiment 3.

For the third experiment the exorcist (3) wished to evoke Barbatos in order to learn more of the language of animals.

Upon the first mention of the name Barbatos, participant (1) witness a strong astral vision to the west of “the dead arising from the sea” complete with blowing trumpets. The arisen then assembled to the west of the circle remianing their until the licence to depart was given to Barbatos.

Exorcist (3) reports: “I wanted to Evoke Barbatos to learn how to communicate clearer with animal the Demon appeared as a white bearded man in a long cloak. The Demon answered my questions and then I asked him to depart. Paticipant (1) witnessed behind him the Legion of the Dead.”

Scryer (3) reports: “The exorcist invoked Barbatos. I was to scryer and even before the prayer I saw a presence. Thought how could that be, we have not invoked no demon (they were already in the triangle, i thought on reflection) He appeared Etherial in white-to-grey cloak and had a long white beard in the mirror. I also was not having much luck I felt looking into mirror. So closed my eyes Barbatos was still there. Then I was thrown right off when I saw a donkey and a horse. When I went to right down some notes I was put of track, when they questioned me about what I saw. Could not write much after that, I was in mid flow to writing more then it disappeared. I don’t blame the exorcist (as they were curious) but mind went blank. Sorry.”

Participant (4) reports: “I read Psalm 51. I could feel the power of the words. After reading Psalm 51, I started to see blue sparks and blue flames in the obsidian mirror, even though I wanted not to look in the mirror, for the entire duration of the experiment.”


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