Introduction to Magick

Introduction to Magick Workshop
With Andrew T. Austin

14753222_10209867710881460_5472333036669828845_oThis will be a two-day introductory workshop into the practice and techniques of magick. This will be primarily of interest to therapists and coaches looking to expand their understanding and skillset in personal development and mind training.

Please note that this is not a therapy techniques training program. It will be fun, it will probably get a bit strange, but there will definitely be tea and cake.

When it comes to learning magick, there is just so much to learn and initially hardly anything makes sense. It’s quite mind-boggling at times. Additionally, the practices can all look and sound really, really silly, and most people feel just a little awkward and self-conscious when practicing them in front of others. But that is ok, you will be amongst friends. It’s probably just a British thing. We’ll also provide coffee for all you cosmopolitan types.

Here are the main points of what we will be doing:

Day 1. The Building Blocks of Magickal Practice.

  • Theory: Introduction to magick principles: Hermeticism, rituals, meditation and symbology.
  • Practical: The Lesser ‘Banishing’ Ritual of The Pentagram (LBRP) in theory and practice.
  • Theory: The key magickal tools, their symbolism, and function.
  • Practical: The Middle Pillar Exercise, meditation, and ritual.
  • Practical: (If we have time) The Ritual of the Hexagram.

Day 2. Entering The Magickal World

  • Theory: The nature and structure of tarot and the relationship to Qabalah (please note: this will have nothing to do with fortune telling or divination or other such nonsense)
  • Practical: How to use magicians tables such as “777”.
  • Practical: Creating and using Pathworkings.
  • Theory and Practical: Evocation and invocation, focussing mostly on Solomonic magic.

14712840_10209867707601378_5452803276855375303_oWe won’t be doing any initiation type of work in this workshop, this is designed to provide you with enough material and understanding to get your own magickal practice started. Whether you do this or not is of course entirely up to you, as I know many people will attend merely for knowledge and curiosity sake. And that is just fine. If there is enough interest, we can do an initiation based event later on.

This workshop will not be recorded nor made available online at this time.


Andrew T. Austin is a therapist and international speaker and trainer on mental health issues and treatment programs. A former nurse (A&E, Cardiology, Neurosurgery) he is the author of the best-selling book, “The Rainbow Machine – Tales From a Neurolinguist’s Journal” and publisher of the huge 23NLPeople NLP and neurology resource website which was online from 1996 to 2015.

Austin is the Director for The Association for IEMT Practitioners and developer of Metaphors of Movement, a next generation NLP model for the unordinary exploration of experience.


Involved in magick and qabalah since 1989, Andrew T. Austin is an active member of the Ordo Templi Orientis and is also the Director General of The Order of The Historia Illius Itineris International. Austin has become known for his annoying determination that magicians need to behave more professionally in their magickal dealings. This is partly to the slack attitudes that have crept into magick since the regretable advent of chaos magick and the ease by which magickal literature has become available via the internet. As a way of explaining his irritability, Austin was once heard to denounce “the majority of magicians” as being “more interested in getting drunk than subjecting their minds to discipline in order to find their True Will.”

He is also a member of The Masonic Philosophical Society and The Builders of the Adytum instructional order.